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We must fiercely resist Trump’s agenda of hate but also find strength to offer a transformative vision that guarantees liberty, justice and opportunity for all. 

-Tom Perriello

What is our mission?

New Virginia Way invests in progressive candidates and initiatives dedicated to an inclusive economy and  community that secures liberty and justice for all. We support those who challenge corruption, concentrated power, and

structural discrimination in pursuit of a more perfect Commonwealth and Union. 


We will support leaders who advance bold solutions to the future of work that ensure empowered workers able to make ​enough to support a family in an era of escalating automation, monopoly, and inequality; future of democracy

 that supports 100% voting and equal voice; future of a common humanity, when diplomacy is under attack; and 

the presence of “liberty and justice for all,” regardless of race, gender, orientation or country of origin.

This will include support for creative approaches to racial justice, truth, and healing. 



our projects

Meet Tom and the team

Tom Perriello, founder of The New Virginia Way,  is a former Congressman, diplomat, teacher and justice advocate who has spent more than two decades fighting for economic fairness, climate stability, veterans, and civil rights. He has recently passed the torch of leadership to former Co-Chair, now President, Donte Tanner.




“Those of us who benefit from privilege have a duty to act rather than expect the oppressed, particularly communities of color, to shoulder the burden of demanding progress and justice.”

-Tom Perriello